On/Ohm a Lighter Note/Node – Intuitively Exploring the Cosmic Web of Our Brain’s YoUniverse……


Its about the exemplification of wh”ether” the anat’om’y of our brains have been cosmically c’om’munioned-since our collective consciousness remarkably invokes as well as evokes our conscientious pure divine nature’s awareness’s virtues/wisd’om’s envisioning potentialities quite amazingly/uniquely.

Well, well, well….., t’here’s always/all veins a touch of the divine grace enshrined well insight us/thus.

Its the following-that when/wh’ether’ we refer to the anat’om’y  of our brains/our consciousness/our pure mindfulness/our heart’s sacred wisd’om’, our pure divine virtues along with their creative intelligent quotient of some of the most brilliant capabilities/faculties… and so on and sow forth-each embodying the pure divine essence of the scintillating oneness of our being.

What all/call this constitutes is the following that apart from referring to the anat’om’y of any structure of universal creative evolutionary energies-divya prana shakti -its as in Sanskrit we humbly state–“atti utam jagriti” – the translational definition of this refers to “excellence/excellent awakening”.

What this yearns for  its fruition is that instead of just experimenting on defenseless animals and making them undergo so much of pain and suffering-we should consider the divine angle of our c’om’passionate nature which seeks fairness in all aspects/respect in its “entirety” please.

This laboratory testing of animals with the howling/painful screams cannot be virtually heard here-but their soulful echo can be very much h’ear’t h’ear’d t’here/here/everyw’here’ since remember, we are all the embodiment’s of the pure divine graciousness of nature and true/through the auspices of our collective consciousness, their consciousness is appealing to/true us to realize that in order for us to harness our greater/ever gracious intuitive capabilities/faculties and discover/unveil far much more greater  advancements not only in science, technology and other respective disciplines but sow very much integrally also well within our human being’s divine nature-remember yet again, its human “beam” – we are beaming the divine graciousness, however, we have to realize that eloquent words/verbiage is not all that there is-for when we meet God, we will not be judged only by the knowledgeable words that we spoke-interlocuted – but also so very much/march/match about the “worth”-the essence of the pure divine worthiness that we upheld/sustained and practiced in our ever conscientious vigilant deeds as well.\

For further exploring our brains/our c’om’pleteness/our totality consciousness and sow very much more well in detail regarding the psychological constitution of what we are made/mate/met up of/oft always grows with our ever greater degrees of respectful e3devotion towards the pure divine essence of God enshrined within as well as all/call around us-thus; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi




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