The Most C’om’mon Issues Facing Mill’ion’s of People Stem Fr’om’…..

….fr’om’ that sense of “disconnectedness”. While there maybe other aspects/factors as well however the primary factor of people being disconnected from their very own selves/their true nature remains and keeps on intensifying as one of the most crucial aspects/factors.

For any network to optimally function, the essence of seamless connectivity is integrally paramount.

Here its essentially about each individual being aligned/attuned to their true nature that is prolifically lacking.

Which thereby leads to profound haziness and distortion whenever the imperative question with its penchant impetus emerges – how well, do we know ourselves authentically?

Indeed, s’om’e of us have remarkably transcended this barrier and overc’om’e the respective hurdles/marathon/epic odyssey’s- yet how about the other’s please?

Of course, many might state that it is not going to help in indoctrinating or advocating or propagating …. and so on and sow forth regarding the exemplified noteworthy practices observances, but then for those who did indeed attain/reach quite far ahead in their lives-raised their consciousness and expanded their pure awareness and are continually progressing-had s’om’eone ater all that inspired-that evocatively awakened their essence of being regarding their greater/grander/gracious sets of remarkable capabilities and sparkled their infinite potentialities adeptness/acumen and brilliantly creative/magnificent consonant fluidity of the energetic emanation of the pure divine oneness of being/bec’om’ing….. who we were meant “true be”, light/right true and through.

Sow well, the point is how can we “reasonably” help contribute towards this bridging of the gap instead of permitting it to grow more wider please? For there c’ome’s a time everyday – even if for a m’om’ent of two, that somehow or the other, the global state of affairs-well its not about politics but about the toll-it-ticks; yes there is a price to pay when we keep looking on the other side and expecting the other person to shoulder the collective consciousness’s responsibilities, but why please?

For when its nature’s breath, we all c’om’e forward to ever gratuitously share the very same breath in essence; then at least, where we are, how best and reasonably we could, let us likewise strive to contribute towards greater well informed/good willed and purely intentional c’om’munities/societies as the oneness of being that created all of life, for our primordial instincts do not just lay submerged, but keep emerging and yearning for the upliftment of humanity”s zenith potential-making each and every individual realize that indeed there is far much more better, greater and grander sets of vision’s envisioning pure potentialities that they behold-of making them realize regarding the immaculate c’om’pleteness-totality-wholeness and most integrally and pivotally the “connectedness” and dispelling the mysteriousness/illusiveness of the disconnectedness that somehow or the other prevails and impacts not only the energetic frequencies exchanges, but also far much more since the overall productive efficiency is remarkably hampered;/so that is only one part of the ouput/result when disconnectedness prevails, for there are whether health orientated issues or lack of self worth? self respectfulness? self acceptance? being and remaining in a constant state of denial?/… the list is really endless since one small aspect could mushroom and manifest into an plethora of gigantic augmented clouds that keep on intensifying… why don’t we heal the roots-the very core essence from where its all being precipitated please? For at the source we know that each and every living being has been bestowed/endowed with the remarkable sets of capabilities to lead greater/fulfilling lives, sow let us not just play our part, but lay the path as-has well, since playing would be akin to – keeping in touch while maintaining the distance? this stance? that tense? – it would be symbolic? superficial? taking keen interest momentarily? Its far much more than this and all that more for it calls that moderation/that modesty element of our pure divine humility to dawn/emerge and further contribute towards/truewards/true worth’s-=worthiness oft the ever greater “connected” people with themselves primarily-knowing themselves-experiencing their true nature’s as well as likewise for the global c’om’munities/societies…. to c’om’e together in the oneness of being true resiliently build and ingeniously sustain a better world for all of us that worthiest of the pure divine testament of God’s pure divine graciouisness enshrined within our being/life ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, moral principles/values/virtues and  likewise pure awareness characteristics/disciplines regimen orientatedly; tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and worthiestly; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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