Our Brains – A Lifetime of C’om’parison?


In essence, we have been created true/through the auspices of God’s calm pure vision.

S’om’e of us realize it in this very lifetime – and thereby avoid getting entangled in the constant comparison paradigm/evaluation process that’s egocentric and instead intend true bloss’om’ by  raising their consciousness and expanding their pure divine nature\s awareness wisd’om’/virtues.

They know very well that evolution does not c’om’pare and compere’s/calm peers- what is it that evolution is envisaging after all/call?

Well, its obvious-all that evolution in its entirety is orchestrating is God’s calm pure vision sow very amazingly.

Now, don’t get carried away, for that realm of pure infinite envisioning potentialities strives true be awakened; indeed, within most of us, it has just become dormant and overwhelmingly burdened by innumerable complexities that we have self created.

This means whether its our brains/cells/neurons/tissues/organs/blood vessels/nodes/capillaries….. whatever it was-is and may ever be, will not necessarily evolve because of our egoistical comparative process.

It will authentically rely upon professionally qualified care/guidance/remedies as well as the most salient tattva-element, which is God’s calm pure vision.

Meaning that why only let some of our fellow beings evolve and the others spend their lifetimes in empirical efforts/initiatives, but on which wall is the ladder rung leaning please?

We are trying to climb upto heaven? While having the vine of the most phenomenal limbs that don’t need to depend on any such imaginary process of emulating the having and heaven is very much here/well within us-thus-namely our pure divine nature’s :awareness” consciousness’s wisd’om’/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines that embody the priceless principles/values/virtues…. of the embodiment of God’s calm pure vision that ever sow remarkably permeates/suffuses and keeps on nourishing each and every cell’s essence of our being’s c;om’pleteness/totality/wholeness as/has itself.

This thereby evokes our conscientious pure awareness true realize that having been bestowed/endowed and sow very fortunately created by the pure divine grace of God-meaning each and every tattva/element of our being works in meticulous unison, striving to achieve greater /grander/gracious attainments that are c’om’pletely bereft of any c’com’parison.

Have we ever heard that our heart was envying our mind and that our liver or our kidney or our pancreas or our spleen or our blood vessels or our tissues or our neurons….. the list could go on whether inside or outside us, but what’s at the core/bott’om’ and earnestly emerging is its immaculate creative competencies structure that emphasizes that our brains were not created only for c’om’parison alone-when we notice something good in others, we could emulate that goodness and emerge likewise with the goodwill of God’s calm pure vision’s envisioning potentialities as well-but well, we will have true grow and not just go through the process in an well informed/maturely manner-not that copying someone will entitle us to a short cut/quick fix or erasing away any wrong doing-for our brains need true be trained and they were ingrained with the pure divine orderliness of the oneness of being.

The point of its appointment exemplifying the following that when we stop that envious pursuance, we thereby reserve and allocate/channelize a greater degree of the pure divine energies matrix more wisely-with greater productive efficiency ingenuity orientated capabilities;what it simply means is that we don’t expend our energies in illusively chasing fleeting objectives that are negative emotional tendencies orientated and instead converge those energies true focus upon enhacing the scope of our respective endeavors far more proficiently.

So in the same time that two human beings are given or millions are given, only a handful emerge with a remarkably distinctive sets of acc’om’plishments; does it means that they were more blessed? NO; NOT at all please; God equally blesses each and every living being and its that authentic/that genuine yearning that emanates from each and every being’s soulful consciousness that further invokes and evokes the magnificent sets of possibilities that are further transformed into well envisioned/disciplined sets of potentialities.

Which brings us back to the captioned, that our brains can be trained to avoid getting caught into the pitfall of automatically/reflexively jumping round about and getting caught in that envy/jealousy or other lack of self worth paradigm; for when we realize our self’s worthiness; our pure divine acceptance; our self esteem/respectfulness and thenceforth earnestly strive to/true channelize the pure divine essence of God’s calm pure vision that amazingly crafted each and every essence of the being of oneness; the oneness of being that’s enshrined within each and every one of us teaches us, that its our pure divine disciplined awareness wisd’om’/priceless virtues training as well as observance of the respective/authentic/genuine/legitimate/practical/realistic/vigilant/prudent/diligent/sensible and very much in this world practices-meaning living with the pure essence of what we are facing and not just phasing away-illusively remaining in a vortex of comparative stance which only deplete the reservoir of our remarkable energetic potentialities please.

Well, there maybe many ways/strategies and tactics, but for sure God’s calm pure vision remains as the most authentic impetus that can channelize and  orientated all others-meaning that we cannot just invoke and call upon God’s graciousness to come in between and facilitate the erection/structurization of bridges and create any short cuts or quick fixes, NO, NOT at all- God will not interfere; because we have true grow and unless we learn and earn what we deserve, we will never ever value whatever need true be preserved and respectfully sustained.

That’s why instead of spending a lifetime of illusive comparisons, do not diminish and reduce your own outlook of what’s insight your very own self, for as God has created everyone else, so is the same for you as well, for you also have been created by God, but then well you have to improve, not just go around flaunting and boasting or trying to supersede and overtake others by devious means; you have true realize that as you energize, sow you’re synergized; the above of course are humbly a few thoughts that came to my mind when it also suddenly occurred that over the years, people keep talking about other people so much that they forget their own agendas/their own goals? their own objectives? their own well being? their own happiness index? their own c’om’mitments? their own priorities? their own brain’s training? their own disciplined pure awareness regimen? their own pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s wisd’om’/virtues….. and so on and sow forth, but by please?

And yet again for those who still remain in that mindset that they will one day be able to realize when time comes? will forever keep remaining in that time cone! yes that cone/that chasm that will never come, because they are staring down a bottomless pit, meaning with all due respect, its not a bottomless pit; but due to their delusional manner and discipline of being reclusive and avoiding their legitimate duties and lazing around all their lifetime, they spend more of their time in comparing anything and everything without ever realizing that in the comparison process, they forget completely true compere/yes true announce themselves=its their true nature remains concealed/suppressed and repressed/resented? due to anger? bitterness? hatred? and most of all due to envious resentment….. the list could go on, the point is not to reflect on admonishing and tarnishing but in striving true focus on the innate awakening/realization training potentialities for the greater good for all of us.

Kindly make a pledge that from now onwards with each and every breath true focus more on the essence of the reality of your life and strive to make it better/greater and grander as it was meant true be; meaning that do not let your brain limit you in the way that you are perceiving right now, that oh again getting caught in that comparison mindset; you have true grow onwards – on worthiness of the masterpiece of the craftsmanship that created you, namely God’s calm pure vision.

You have true honor the divine essence of being’s pure awareness and channelize those energies towards realizing that you have not come a long way or all along the way just like that, for its the weigh of the call – the weigh is honest/respectful authentication of your soulful consciousness’s credentials that impeccably strive true contribute towards your greater ascendence/transcendence not just after completion of your honorable/respectful earthly sojourn but also sow very much while you are all here; start living in the essence of the presence/the present moment in living and leading a purposeful life that is bereft of any illusive day dreaming and remaining caught in any comparison matrix that is not at all serving your greater good; in fact never resent anyone; wish them well and well all the very most; send them goodwilled blessings and bless them with even greater abundance for in that wishing you are also blessing your very ownself true focus on how best you could emerge likewise to shine forth the gloriousness of God’s calm pure vision – ever sow pure divine authentically, benevolently, c’om’passionately, conscientiously, creatively diligently, determinably, disciplinedly, devotionally, efficaciously, faithfully, genuinely, grandly, gratuitously, graciously, harmoniously, ingeniously, intelligently, legitimately, meritoriously, moral principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientatedly; nobly, tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and worthiestly; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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