And/ParamAnanta, the Soul’s Cosmic/Inter Universal Journey-Shift/Transcending Consciousness’s Sojourn Infinitely Continues……. Be’for’e – Twas/Tvam Being Here/Thenceforth Hear Beingfulness oft its Immaculate Pure Divine Oneness of Being……..Why not? Its We Are the Pristine Viable Knots-DNA Helix-Cosmic Granthian of Amazing Pure Divine Virtues Exalted Wisd’om’ Envisioning Potentialities


All our life, we spoke words; Humbly/Modestly/Reverentially call upon our worth-pure divine worthiness-its bespoken light insight our collective consciousness/true-through the auspices of the supreme consciousness’s pure divine consciousness ever graciously bloss’om’s; thenceonwards?Its dans/than(k)s on “worth”, we continue true convocatelucidate/c’om’municate-c’om’unify… true/through our pure divine insightful worthiness ever sow gloriously, where we are able to read light, speak light, be light, hear/here light as well as/has be the perception of the pure divine light insight, right/light true and through….. sow well, then why not when in this body, revere the ever gracious symposium of thy pure divine light insight please? Why wait only unit c’om’pletion of the earthly sojourn?

No, its not about being reclusive and giving up-NO; forsaking-NO; renunciation-NO; NO nothing of any illusive/mysterious assumptions/speculations or any myriad sets of imaginative possibilities should be erroneously  explored for the pure divine light insight does not operate/does not function/thus not evolve, ordain or sustain through any contradictory egoistical delusional tendencies…. but rather thus knots-the divya granthian-pure divine knots of our divya prana shakti’s-pure divine life force energies pristine breath index of dharma swabhava drishti-divine duty attitude vision.

Whether its referring to work as worship or whatever we are attending true in a noteworthy manner-like fulfilling our respective duties/our due ties/our pure divine potential and likewise moral-noble-worthy characteristics/disciplines in a meritorious/vigilant and wise manner….. leading a purposeful life…. this could go on, but with each going, its growing-there is the growth potential exemplifying the essence of embodying the responsibilities oft our pure divine embodiment’s virtues….. and we can discuss more, but first strive true realize your pure divine worthiness’s oneness of being, not by buying more and more….? but by even fulfilling the merest oath… yes we all have take a divine pledge/oath/solemnly swearing true bring forth our very best/finest and worthiest potentialities envisioning graciousness-where making the world a better place for all of us begins with each of us realizing the beatitude of the worth-the pure divine worthiness not by just speaking words…. and then more words….. and going on debating? For when we transcend across onto/ on through/on truewards-worth’s-worthiness of the inter universal realm’s-its not words anymore that are spoken, its thy pure divine worthiness that bespeaks true/through the auspices of its pure divine light insightful consciousness please ….. and of course nothing will be revealed or unveiled or ever c’om’mented or discussed regarding certain aspects mainly because we have true first of all measure up-yes, make ourselves worthy-that self pure divine acceptance-that self respectfulness-that self worthiness…when we qualify as our pure divine consciousness k’now’eth, the retinue of the cosmic divine endowments that we will further be bestowed with do not rest their laurels merely on how many awards/rewards or milestones that we ascended/transcended/attained across, but earnestly at the core/pure divine principles-tattvas-elements-values-virtues… and likewise noteworthy moral/noble characteristics/disciplines about the integral oneness of being light/right true and through; so many of us spend so much of our time in pursuing so many aspects that we prioritize things and thinks without realizing that an calibrated balance of ekagrata chitta- one pointedness focus of worthily striving-since if the worthiness quotient is lacking, then it will merely remain, whereas with the worthiness’s priceless emoluments, its beej’s-seeds ever bloss’om’ing harvest reaps its pure divine infinitude of our immaculate beingfulness… some contradict and state, show me the proof? from which scripture did you read this? how do you substantiate? where is the evidence? show me the analysis and theories and practicals and evidences and realisticness in tangible-intangible? subtle/unsubtle…. representations of being? This will as mentioned above keep going and growing on words…. where the diminishing of the worthiness will never ever occur, it will keep witnessing some of us with our follies demeaning the moral/noble characteristics/disciplines principles-values-virtues pure divine worthiness? But why please/. The divinity within does not need to prove itself for its covenants bespeaks true/through the auspices of the pure divine immaculate oneness of its sacredest light insight enshrined within each and every living being as the ever worthiest testament that ever was, is and will ever be…. and well, w’here’ did this emante fr’om;? or that? or that much more worthier envisioning potentialities…well, it was, is and will forever be utmost gratitude and  reverential prostrations true the pure divine graciousness with each and every breath of our divya prana shakti-pure divine life force energies ever worthiest infinitude……Durge Devi Namostute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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