We Will Be Sh’own’ As-Has We Wheel Be’i’ng Shine/Enshrined – Hamare Shristi Ke Kendra Ka Swach/Shuddh Niyam Purvak Samman Karna Chahiye ≡Jai Maa Saraswati≡Nava Durge Namo Stute≡


Indeed, vein/when we cherish/realize the primordial tenets of our core principles, values, virtues, tattvas, elements….. and so on and sow forth/likewise characteristics/disciplines in a pure devotionally disciplined manner that note worthily worships the  pure divine essence of creation in all that was, is and will ever be with the perception that defines the true/through/thorough us-thus; we will thenceforth be conferred upon impeccable attainment of our pristine cosmic credentials qualification true be able/capable to envision the ever greater/grander and gracious kaleidoscopes/vistas and pure divine envisioning potentialities that orchestrate the pure divine ordinance of its pure c’om’pleteness/totality of evolutionary renaissance as the Vedas/the way thus convocated/elucidated ever sow gloriously-it all begins and  grows with the pure divine c’om’munion that remains enshrined within the sacred essence of our being’s pure divine self acceptance/pure divine self respectfulness-pure divine self worthiness and likewise characteristics/disciplines not from any incentive seeking intentionality-but humbly in being grateful in contributing towards the ever greater/gracious transcendence of our universal consciousness realization as its pure divine collective consciousness’s worthiest testament.

Its all about honoring the knowledgeable capabilities that we have been bestowed with for the unanimous goodwill, harmoniousness, peace, prosperity and welfare of the universe as its ever exalted/purest/worthiest oneness of being-namely, experiencing our true nature-we realize that the universe with its five great elements-pancha mahabhutas were never ever separated-which also means, that a lot flows/grows through/true us-thus-however in this process of the flowing/growing, its the essence of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisd’om’s envisioning potentialities that further unify our perception all/call the more in wisely alloting-allocating – yes precisely, the divya prana shakti’s pavitra urja=pure divine life force energies sacredest energies merit greater respectfulness-its about how well we calibrate/balance the flow/rhythm of the primordial sacral membranes, cells, tissues, neurons, nerves, pulses, impulses….. and so on and sow forth with a greater degree of “pure awareness” disciplined regimen – for there’s sow much evolving within as well as all around us, how are we aligning with those meticulous energies reverential elementization please? About realize the essence of our purposeful being/living/evolving in a well disciplined manner that does not defy the parameters of nature/our environment, but rather strives to march in unison with each and every aspect with a greater sense of maturity and time and again utmost respectfulness in ensuring that we do not intend to hasten the process in accordance with our egoistical tendencies or some illusive manifests-for the sacred covenants and all of evolution is witnessing how we are integrally taking care of our Mother Earth-Dharti Maa and then even how we are reciprocating the Five Great Elements-the Pancha Mahabhutas; we have availed sow very much and want to explore other worlds/universe/cosmic constellations? but how well? good willingly? and pure divine intentionally have we first of all-call earnestly fulfilled our respective pledges towards the world within as well as all around us please?

For until or unless we first earnestly fulfill our commitments here in this very world and only then will we be able to envision far greater, grander and ever gracious meaningful/constructive and prestigious/noteworthy possibilities and potentialities of exploring/orbiting as well as eminently approach the respectful cosmic constellations/galaxies and spatial hemispheres most meritoriously; we need to qualify not for others to see or the awards and rewards but in essence it all begins within our own conscience; our higher consciousness; as we practice meditation and earnestly strive to fulfill our respective duties, due ties, pure divine potential and related/relevant characteristics/disciplines charters/ordinances to the pure divine intentionalities of our core capabilities in a noteworthy respectful manner, then will we be able to ever graciously bloss’om’ as the pure divine oneness of being God’s light of life insight true itself right/light true and through ever sow  pure divine good willed/pure divine intentionality orientatedly/harmoniously/graciously/gloriously; SatChitAnanda; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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