Out of Body? Focusing on the Impetus of the Wandering Mind’s Instinctive Vicissitudes? Building Another World? IN “Ether/Akasha Tattva Worth” Guild IN, Never Get Carried Away-Remain Firmly Be-Bi-rthed/Grounded in Authentic Essence with the Core Genuine Realization of Your Pure Awareness Disciplined Vigilant Orientated Regimen!


The accentuated emphasis on never getting carried away is to avoid engaging in any practices that are contradictory to our true nature’s covenants/disciplines/ordinances since just looking at some pictures or video clips or any illustrations/visuals/representations should never ever entice any individual to shift their focus from what’s the pure authenticity/legitimacy of their being/their lives and this ever present world with its utmost reality.

There really is no need at all to be enamored or spectacularly spell bound and keep exploring numerous searches online/gossiping and spending enormous amounts of energies in pursuance of numerous illusive/mysterious objectives; rather that very same time frame could be more better well spent upon focusing on the impending agendas/commitment/objectives and likewise characteristics/disciplines which will earnestly bring forth greater degree of contentedness and satisfaction as well as resourcefully contribute towards one another’s self development and fulfillment in divergent areas/facets and spheres of their being/lives quite amazingly.

There are our core divine principles, values, virtues and pure divine c’om’mandments/ordinances/tenets and governance that will take appropriate care of what needs true be taken care of; our duty is not and never shift our focus away, for our “embodiment’s priceless virtues” that remain sacredly enshrined within the pristine realms of our higher consciousness/our true nature keep on contributing towards our greater ascendance and realization with a greater-grander and gracious sense of maturity and not ever getting distracted by any out of body/impetus of our wandering mind’s instinctive vicissitudes? Its our energetic focus that is determining quite a far lot more than we may have ever realized; indeed some of us(((but how about so many others? of course we cannot change the world outside, but insight, as we improve in one area/sphere, we are thereby contributing towards our worthier ascendence as well as global awareness))) do and thereby remarkable regulate each and every aspect with a greater degree of productive efficiency and meticulous calibration – knowing very well that the harmonious orchestration and calibrated rhythms/patters of the energetic frequencies emanating fr’om’ within our higher consciousness merits greater respectfulness, acknowledgment and reciprocation whereby we are marching/matching and well aligned/attuned towards and in pure divine conformance of our pure divine virtues for our embodiment is the sacred space of God’s pure divine graciousness; let alone the vicissitudes and other aspects in a manner that there is no negative tendencies involved, since even that will apparently lead to another sets-factors/frequencies of energetic discharge, but why please? Why devote your focus away from your pure divine oneness of being please??? Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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