What is Our Story…………………..


With all due respect, it never was what-but rather-‘worth’ is our-his/her-story.

Pure divine worthiness’s immaculate virtues vision is w’here’ we emanate fr’om’ and are ever graciously sustained-as well as this very integral virtue of worthiness is what acc’om’panies us as well-hereafter, upon c’om’pletion of our earthly sojourn as well.

Its the cosmic breath that does not need any language or loftiest explanation or any eloquent elucidations, for when we each realize our core values creative evolutionary characteristics, we will be humbled to gloriously revere our immanent credentials.

Indeed, its the noteworthy script of the most distinguished and dignified parchments/membranes of our soulful consciousness that yearns for us to cherish our pure divine acceptance first and foremost/primarily above all else.

Its not about the statistical indexes/graphs and anything that stems from the monetary value, but simply and very most modestly about the experience of our true nature-our self realization process that restores we true us/thus.

In order to be worthy is not about tying ourselves to more and more of discrimination and likewise traits but rather about untying and liberating ourselves from every assumptive-elusive-illusive notion altogether and embracing its roots that embody the granthi-knot of our unconditional oneness of being.

Well, its a purely devotionally disciplined ordinance regimen that maturely orchestrates every aspect n precise alignment/conformance with its primordial pathways-meaning it bring each of us back to source-fr’om’ w’here’ we originated-well, its not about going anywhere at all-there is no transcendence whatsoever-rather its with profound humility embodying the pure divine essence of g’row’ing mainly here-right/light w’here’ we were/are and continue true be.

We have our sacred hearts wisd’om’ with its repository that remains isolated in the sense that it acknowledges and participates in each and every m’om’ent of our being’s evolution right/light since time immemorial, but avails the full fledged/whole hearted participation of only a handful noble souls.

I will not debate this as to why only a few tend/intend to be relegated to this distinguished stature is because it is earnestly our sacred heritage true realize and grow-meaning qualify-strive along/across each and every pathway with that firm devoted, determined and disciplined conduct of our goodwilled being pure divine intentionalities.

The point being that our collective consciousness truly deserves greater degree of honor/reverence and consideration in all that we be/do; its not just our body/mind/heart but rather very-so very much/match/march of our soulful embodiment.

Meaning that when we consider and emerge with that immaculate pure divine visions envisioning potential that’s enshrined within our soulful consciousness’s wisd’om’, our perception will then define us/thus.

Worth is not just about words or a title or a feeling or a pedestal or a springboard or a facilitator or a shortcut or a any and every goodness feeling or a ride or a slide or a glide or a boomerang or a swing or a chariot or a vehicle or a lesson or a dictionary or a vision or a faculty or a prestigious accomplishment or a milestone or a…….. the list could go on, there were deliberately no commas inserted between the or a because when we step into the domain or introspectively ruminating, its pure c’om’mencement where its c’om’mas are etching the infinite continuity in between which is the akasha tattva-space/ether element throughou(gh)t-so well worth that is being intended true be referenced here is the granthi-knot of our virtues and its likewise orientated characteristics/disciplines…….

There cannot be any comparison or just generalizing the essence of our creative evolutionary nature, for as our perception sow defines us/thus; so that means, we knowingly or unknowingly keep on embarking on the typical trajectory that keeps bringing us through myriad processes whereby ultimately we tend to feel and experience some sort/type of emptiness-despite having all the honors, the titles,the riches, the awards and gloriousness…. yet that hollowness prevails?

This topic could go on, but taking the essence of the respectful values of time into careful consideration, at this juncture, what the epicenter of it all resonates and keeps on radiating is that with the pure divine essence of our self esteem/self worthiness/self respectfulness and likewise characteristics/disciplines good willed pure intentionalities orientation, t’here’ was-is and will always remain a lot? not a lot-but allot-yes precisely allot more in store for us-its that restoration and not any re story-s-ion; for as and where we qualify and realize the pure divine essence of our immaculate worthiness, then in precise conformance will the essence of what? no-not what-remember “worth” -oft worth will ever graciously bloss’om’ fr’om’ within as/has well as all around us;remember the within being thy pure divine insightful consciousness and not some fairy tale or mysterious escapade please; never ever try anything or experiment with your being in anyway, where any illusive/mysterious practices are concerned please-rather earnestly embrace the essence of your pure divine acceptance, for your perception defines you right/light true and through; so be worthy of the pure divine worthiness of its being-beaming your bec’om’ing ever sow pure divine meritoriously, vigilantly, wisely and worthiestly; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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