Before Birth/Upon C’om’pletion of our Earthly Sojourn, Our Souls Transcend Through Divergent Spheres Amongst Which its Cosmic Stratosphere/Stotram/Str-Oath(Ether-Akasha Tattva/Space Element)Supriya Vishwambhari Bhavani’s Niyam /Vidhi Atti Uttam Samman Purvak Sampoorna Avlokayavati Dharan/Dharna Ekagrata Chitta SatChitAnand Swabhava Karna Chahiye Convocates/Elucidates/Resonates its Infinitude’s Oneness of Being; You/We Are All the Ever Gracious Symposium of the C’om’pleteness of Pure Divine Consciousness’s Pristine Virtues/Wisd’om’…….

As you keep on improving towards attaining the realization of your pure divine worthiness; you will thereby be able to avail/unveil true/through the auspices of your divya drishti’s pavitra prana shakti-divine vision’s life force energies – further glimpses of its ever gracious understanding that embodies the amazing pure divine evolutionary worthiness enshrined within you-which is likewise within each and every living being as well-meaning each having true strive to fulfill their respective ordainment’s-for they have been as you have been bestowed/endowed with its indomitable will powers creative competencies, ingenuity and priceless virtues/wisd’om’……

Its about the ever cherished privilege of having incarnated for a specific purpose that’s worthy in its shuddh bhavana/good willed character/conduct/nature/virtues  and likewise characteristics/disciplined orientated meritorious attainments so on and sow forth respectively that makes God feel proud of all of us, as his worthiest testimonials of its/thy pure divine graciousness/virtuousness/worthiestness; Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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