Until/Till Urn? WHY Please? Fr’om’ Dust to Dust, But Never Rust Please! For its the True Trust/Treaty/Entreaty of Each & Every Tattvas-Pancha Mahabutas/Five Great Elements that Creates/Orchestrates/Sustains – However Our Pure Awareness of Observing a Good Willed Disciplined Ordinance Regimen of its/their Immaculate Characteristics Must BE Respectfully Reciprocated Please……….

Acquiring or Arch Quivering? Cultivating -Nurturing Egoistic/Self Induced Beha’vi-or’al Patterns?

Indeed, WHY Do Some Of Us Particularly Wait Till Something Happens & Then Awaken/Realize

– Why Are We Putting Ourselves Through Mysterious Dilemmas/Predicaments – Just to Satisfy Temporary Indulgences Please? W’here’s Our Sense/Essence oft Long Term Good willed Principles/Values Quotient Please?

Let’s Start Again Please ……..

Until/Till Urn? WHY Please?

Or/Oar the Path T/Hence oft Defining the Boundaries that Embodies the Pure Discipline Essence/Consonance/Conscientiousness of our Pure Divine Nature’s Awareness Consciousness’s Virtues/Vigilance/Wisd’om’/Worthiness…….Please


Observe disciplined manners; mannerisms of a disciplined ordinance, no matter whether others are watching or not; for the knot-the granthi that you are tying is ultimately associating/affiliating and binding and then defining you peculiarly with that biased? limited? confined? restricted? myopic? prejudiced? momentary? one dimensional instead of multi dimensional?… and  so on and sow forth-just to be able to gratify that momentary urge, do not speculate and gamble away the ever wealthy preciousness of your being-your agenda/assignments/duties/due ties/relationships with your very ownself and others=most importantly your habits-since we acquire and cultivate/nurture them and keep fostering them here, not that we were ever born with certain habits/traits please; stop blaming our ancestors and parents/heritage/culture/religion as well as any other aspect/gloriousness of our civilizations please; they did what was to the very best of their reasonable and in fact far much more than reasonable-in fact commendable/note worthy capacities; now when we are being counseled/advised not to means explicitly not to- and not twisting it the other way around in knotting/typing more illusive/mysterious knots and then getting entangled into various other sequences of confounding perplexities… and other ailments/diseases/malaise’s/complexities……

K’now’ when true draw the line and align with the essence of taking greater responsibility in each and every area/sphere of your life; realize what is it that you are being and then doing, not that you are doing…. going on doing…… and then all of a sudden wondering, oh what was i doing? becoming? Let me hasten to undo? rectify? make amends? clean the slate? reform? improve? promise? hasten? chasten? swear? resent? feel envious? experience bitterness? become fraught in immense states of confusion orientated thought processes? wandering everywhere except being here-well with pure defined awareness with the due diligence/prudence/tenacity and vigilance of the present moment? this could go on and on, but the point is, where are we growing onwards, for life is evolving, with each and every moment, we are either defying or defining – and certainly, most of us know very well that the definiteness that is cognizant of our pure divine moral principles/values/virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines ordinance’s is/are there in our being/in our lives-for the specific reason that we keep growing within the pure divine graciousness/virtuousness/worthiness of our being’s immaculate oneness-well, while being in the world, leading a fulfilling life that’s true our calling and fullest good willed potential and when completion our earthly sojourn, embracing the pure divine worthiness that was, is and will always remain the integral chord that amazingly permeates/suffuses and nurtures the pure divine essence of our being ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously, wisely and worthiestly.

Please observe disciplined manners in whatever it is that you are being/doing/pursuing; its imbuing the mannerisms of a disciplined ordinance – a good willed conduct that embodies the priceless principles, values and virtues of your true nature-for observing the protocol of a disciplined ordinance in daily life benefits you more than anyone else please.

You will be more in command and well informed as well as keeping abreast of even the evolutionary trends and tech savvy as well as adequately satisfied and creatively innovating and enriching your yearning true keep striving towards a better/greater but always well defined you that’s enshrining its graciousness of your pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s wisdom/priceless virtues.

Understandably its not always about so much more but rather about the virtue of modesty-well balanced calibration-meaning better to abstain rather than be then clinically restrained-meaning there are so many examples – there are so many people who are able to relish the vision of even the simplest of meals but cannot eat, they have to be fed through intravenous pipes and are on life support systems for years and years…… they have everything and yet don’t have anything after all, they are deprived-but some of them realize and  then pledge to call upon/invoke the indomitable will power of their soulful consciousness and contribute meaningfully towards philanthropic causes whereby those that are deprived are sending them a greater heap of blessing that cannot be yearned just like that, they have true be meritoriously earned-true/through the auspices/observance of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues/wisdom’s infinite potentialities exalted envisioning.

Well, the above was only one example; there are many other examples – even if it is the simplest of agendas/assignments/duties….. etc; where there is earnest discipline lacking means there is that rusting occurring-yes, because life is a matter of being true our nature that embodies the pure divine essence of a good willed conduct that emanates from the very integral realms of our higher consciousness’s ever gracious/greatest potentialities ever sow pure divine worthiestly; Its something, somewhere at sometime just gets integrated and then due to lack of disciplined conduct and observance of pure awareness-it keeps on languishing and augmenting in the background quite surreptitiously, whereby from a tiny seed/fragment/cell/malignant aspect…. and so on and sow forth emerges and keeps on perpetuating some of the most mysterious outcomes/results and in a way/inner way-weigh becomes far beyond any reasonable manageability-it becomes an overwhelming struggle-fervent and extremely frantic moments become a part of life then onwards, but why please?

That momentary indulgence was very brief but its consequences extended far beyond almost circumventing an entire lifetime; imagine if you are not able to breathe properly? That you need a life support system to assist your breathing and then imagine that you have to be strongly dependent/reliant on frequent intake/consumption of so many medications throughout a single day that there comes a time that you deeply/introspectively contemplate, where did it all begin after all?\

It then remains a mysterious puzzle since what may have begun long before, very innocently in boldly exclaiming, let me try? so what? nothing is going to happen? and such types of statements that then actually became the very status meant? NO, that’s not what your status was ever meant true be please; There might be others who say what’s the point of recapitulating, there’s nothing going to get resolved; but here its not about our future generations experiencing and repeating some of the same mistakes that might have been unknowingly committed by some others please; its also our present generations as well – for, sometimes even the most simplest of aspects when lacking disciplined observance becomes one of the most challenging scenarios of our lifetime and that struggle in one area/sphere keeps expanding/extending in such a way/manner that it literally engulfs other aspects/facets also, but why please? For when we know what’s proper/right, then why do we defer/deter and deviate from observing the good willed disciplined orientation conduct of good willingness that true our nature please? Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2018 Vashi Chandi


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